The CTIRS organizes and co-organizes events that promote the exchange of knowledge, experiences and new ideas to support the development of tourism and IRs in the GBA and beyond.

Past Events

In 2019, the CTIRS offered two GBA-related tourism forums which were intended to provide a platform for industry practitioners and academics to share knowledge and experiences in sustainable tourism and hospitality practices in the GBA and beyond. In addition, the two forums also promoted education and employment opportunities in the related areas.

Sixteen distinguished scholars and experienced industry practitioners from Singapore, Malaysia, and China (Shanghai and Xiamen), as well as the GBA cities of Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macao, spoke on practices for sustainable tourism and hospitality. The forums drew hundreds of participants including educators and scholars from sixteen universities. A forum was specifically arranged for graduate students in Macao and other GBA cities to provide an opportunity to explore ideas and research work that would contribute to the development of tourism and IRs in the region. These forums have served to promote the role of Macao in bridging communication between the GBA cities and the outside world.