Welcome to the Centre for Tourism and Integrated Resort Studies (CTIRS)

The CTIRS, formerly the Centre for Career and Research Advancement in Integrated Resorts, was established in 2018 by the Faculty of Business Administration (FBA) at the University of Macau (UM). The primary objectives of the CTIRS include the provision of a platform at the FBA, through which the UM will support the efforts of the Macao Special Administrative Region (MSAR) Government of China to establish Macao as a world-class tourism and leisure centre (WTLC) in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA). The UM will also use the platform to promote communication with other local higher education institutions for related projects. The support provided by the Central Government of China to designate Macao as a tourism education and training base in the GBA will allow the scope of activities undertaken by the CTIRS to expand over time in line with the development of the GBA.

In addition, the innovative business model that is incorporated based on the concept of integrated resorts (IRs) and their interactive dynamics with the advancement of tourism destinations mean that high quality research work and training programs are indispensable to ensure the sustained growth of the industry and hence its contributions to an economic society. As the Macao SAR of China is the most globally renowned IR destination, the CTIRS at the FBA has the highly qualified personnel and networks to coordinate and organize related programs that facilitate the exchange of knowledge and advancement of the industry in Macao and beyond.

In practice, the CTIRS offers quality career simulation opportunities and executive training/development programs to enhance the competitiveness of the industry labor forces. Besides, the CTIRS is also interested in opportunities to collaborate with related academic units and industries in Macao and beyond to promote interdisciplinary academic and practical research efforts that would sustain the growth and development of the related industries.

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